Announcing the 2nd Annual Travel Tech Audio Summit
Learn on-the-go by listening to some of the top travel tech leaders about how their products and trends can revolutionize your travel business!

Interviews go live on 5/1 and are available exclusively on this Audio Summit's Private Podcast Feed.
Wouldn't it be amazing if you could just...

Supercharge your travel agency's operations all in one place

Revolutionize the way you sell travel insurance

Simplify group management with an online dashboard and custom app 

But you didn't even know that these solutions (and many more!) existed for your travel business to take advantage of.  You are not alone, and that's why I spearheaded this summit.

This industry has gone leaps and bounds in many ways since I joined the industry in 2010, and these innovative tech leaders are warp speeding that even further.

If there's a solution you've been hoping for, they may have already thought of it, and you'll want to tune into the summit to learn more!

About your Host

It's me, it's me!  Fellow travel business owner, travel industry disruptor, diversity champion, autoimmune warrior, and tv/movie nerd.

Formally, my name is Rita M. Perez and I love helping you bridge the gap from knowledge unknown to known, so you can better equip yourself to be a strategic travel entrepreneur.

Start streaming on 5/1 and start taking the helm on your travel business tech needs!
Meet our Featured Speakers
david Shull
daniel green
Co-Founder and CTO
lisa watson
liana rowan
whitney shindelar
The Hive
chanell facey
vanessa karel
Founder & CEO
richard earls
Arqiteqt Software, LLC

A private podcast feed is a new, easy way to learn without having to sit at your computer, fidgeting for hours.

This way you can listen to the feed, while you're doing other tasks like waiting on hold, flying to your next destination, or doing laundry.

New to private podcasts? Let me break it down.

  • What is a Private Podcast?
    A private audio feed that you can listen to via your favorite free podcast app. Perks of this format include speed control, uninterrupted playback even while multi-tasking, and your app will save your place in the feed so you never have to struggle to pick up where you left off.
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    If you’ve ever tried to listen to a course while cooking, exercising, or multitasking you know - video players demand to be the center of attention. If you open your messenger app or flip over to that recipe, the content stops playing. Private podcast feeds are designed to run and play in the background uninterrupted. There’s NO video content, just audio, and trust me, your eyes will thank you for the break!
  • Who it's best suited for?
    This format is perfect for folks who prefer to listen before implementing, who like to multitask while learning new concepts, or who are sick of viewing video-only content.
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    Once you’ve added the private podcast feed to your favorite podcast app, you’ll be able to listen anywhere, anytime - without data. So tune in while folding laundry, taking a walk with your dog, cruising at 35,000 feet, or sitting at your kiddo’s gymnastics class. The best part? Unlike video content, your podcast app will run seamlessly in the background and save your spot. No more trying to guess where you left off!
  • When will I get access?
    There are a total of 7 episodes and they will officially go live on May 1, 2024. As soon as it's live, I’ll send you your unique link to access the private podcast content. (Remember to register through April 30, 2024 for free. Starting May 1st when the episodes go live, the feed will be $9).
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    You’ll be able to play the private podcast via your favorite free podcast app, like Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Overcast, YouTube Music, iTunes and more. You can listen from any Apple or Android device, or your desktop computer.

    If you prefer listening from your phone, I would highly recommend opening the feed email from your phone.
Start listening on 5/1! 
With the Travel Tech Audio Summit, get ready to…

Gain a new perspective on the immense potential each of these new technologies can have on your travel business!

Enhance efficiency by increasing productivity

Increase profitability by unlocking the time savings potential

Unleash your competitive edge with tools that help you stand out above the rest

Relatable Host. Game
Changing Content.

After binging several episodes, I’m reminded of what I’ve been missing in my biz…strategy.  The content [here] is game changing and Rita is such a relatable host. Truly a gift to our industry. Thanks Rita!

Strategic Travel Entrepreneur Listener
Passionate and Strategic

Rita has such a dynamic personality and is so passionate about her industry - this all shines through in her podcast. She welcomes guests who have strategic and applicable tips to share with her audience and brings so much value to her listeners! 

Strategic Travel Entrepreneur Listener
Have a burning question?
  • Will there be replays?
    Once the audio summit goes live, you'll have access to listen to each episode at your leisure for as many times as you'd like :)
  • Who is this summit for?
    The summit episodes were specifically recorded with travel advisors in mind, but I fully believe travel suppliers, coaches, and support partners could also find value in the interviews.
  • Will there be transcripts?
    Yes! There will be AI-generated transcripts available for reading. Please excuse any errors that might be present, in advance.
  • I have another question.
    Great! Feel free to message me at rita@steeryourmarketing.com for another question not listed here.
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-Travefy (Itinerary Builder+)
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-LUXPages (Luxury Travel Database)
-SEQUENSE (Project Management Tool)
-Lucia (Connect with VA's and Support)
-FamGuru (Track your FAM info)
-WeTravel (CRM+)
-Sion (Commissions Simplified)

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