Announcing the Hispanics in Travel Audio Series!
Listen to some of the top Hispanic travel industry leaders about how their culture shaped their careers and pathways into travel!

Interviews go live on 10/4 and are available exclusively on this Audio Series' Private Podcast Feed.
Wouldn't it be amazing if you could just...

Hear the diverse perspectives from the different countries represented by top leaders in the travel industry

Gain a deeper appreciation for Hispanic cultures, traditions, and customs

Be inspired by stories of success and personal journeys from leaders at all levels

Whether you're a member of the Latine community or interested in learning more, I want you to know...

1.  All are welcome to la familia, and

2.  With our beautiful differences, we also find some surprising common ground.

I cannot wait for you to join me in this colorful celebration!

About your Host

It's me, it's me!  Fellow travel business owner, travel industry disruptor, diversity champion, Latina (Puerto Rico), autoimmune warrior, and tv/movie nerd.

Formally, my name is Rita M. Perez and I love helping you bridge the gap from knowledge unknown to known, so you can better equip yourself to be a strategic travel entrepreneur.

Start streaming on 10/4 and start joining the fiesta!
Meet our Featured Speakers
janet bava
Chief Commercial Officer
Windstar Cruises
adolfo perez
Senior Vice President of Global Sales & Trade Marketing
Carnival Cruise Line
lionel Garcia
Director of Strategic Accounts
MSC Cruises
alex pinelo
Senior Vice President, Sales AmaWaterways
daniel santiago
Sales Manager
Regal Wings and Koveli Travel
vanessa mcgovern
Chief Sales and Marketing Officer
Gifted Travel Network
Michelle Rodriguez Suarez
Director of Sales Eastern US & International Accts Mexico, Central & South America
Riverside Luxury Cruises

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  • When will I get access?
    There are a total of 6 episodes and they will officially go live on October 4, 2023. As soon as it's live, I’ll send you your unique link to access the private podcast content. (Remember to pre-register through October 3, 2023 for free. Starting October 4th when the episodes go live, registration will be $9).
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Start listening on 10/4! 
With the Hispanics in Travel Audio Series, get ready to…

Add to your knowledge base of Hispanic cultures and take inspired action in your travel business.

Engage with the community

Better understand where your Hispanic clients and colleagues come from

Increase your awareness of social issues or challenges faced by the Hispanic community

I had to pull the car over!

I was so dang proud to be a part of the Travel Tech Audio Summit.  I was excited to listen to my peers.  I learned so much, and I'm still learning, even when I'm talking to some of these people every week.

Travel Tech Audio Summit Speaker
I loved the Travel Tech Audio Series!

I love that they were thoughtful about what could truly help make a travel advisors work flow better! I enjoyed their personalities. All the sessions reminded me how collaborative our industry is :)

Jill C., Jill Beth Travel
Travel Tech Audio Summit Listener
Have a burning question?
  • Will there be replays?
    Once the audio summit goes live, you'll have access to listen to each episode at your leisure for as many times as you'd like :)
  • Who is this summit for?
    The summit episodes were specifically recorded with travel advisors in mind, but I fully believe travel suppliers, coaches, tour operators, and support partners could also find value in the interviews.
  • Will there be transcripts?
    Yes! There will be AI-generated transcripts available for reading. Please excuse any errors that might be present, in advance.
  • I have another question.
    Great! Feel free to message me at rita@steeryourmarketing.com for another question not listed here.
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